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  • Financial Stresses and Strains

    In recognition of April as Stress Awareness month, CFP Board recently conducted a nationwide survey of approximately one thousand adults, aged 18 and older, to determine the level and kinds of stress they were experiencing when it comes to managing their money. Except for a small, blissful minority (14 percent), respondents overwhelmingly reported experiencing financial stress of one form or another.
  • Indexing: Beat the Pros and Reach Your Goals

    Wall Street is lined with brilliant people who get paid large sums of money to pick stocks and bonds. They are called active managers, and they’re the smartest guys around. And yet, you can usually get better investment returns simply by picking a few low-cost index funds.
  • How to Use 'Goal Priority' to Save When You Have More Than One Financial Goal

    I spend a good amount of time working with young professionals on a financial planning concept called "goal priority." Goal priority allows savers to organize their financial goals in such a way that they can more easily select which goals they should be saving for versus others. Before you can begin to prioritize your financial goals, however, you first must identify them.
  • Do Continuing Care Retirement Communities Make Sense for You?

    Making the decision whether to stay or go in retirement can be a tough one. As CFP Board Consumer Advocate Eleanor Blayney, CFP® discussed in a recent blog post on this website, “aging in place” – or remaining in one’s home during retirement – is one option that requires a careful evaluation of the financial costs involved.
  • A Retirement Guide for Her

    In the 1990s, I was the only female partner in a four-partner financial planning firm. On Friday afternoons in the summer, I would watch my male colleagues leave the office early for “important business” on the golf course. It wasn’t long before I decided I needed to be doing this business too, and decided to take up golf. On my first round out, I tried to act confident as I teed up my ball in exactly the same place as one of my partners had just done...
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