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  • How Much Do I Need to Retire?

    Scott Ward, CFP®
    To make sure you have a comfortable life, it’s important to determine how much you need to retire.
  • Finding a Financial Advisor: Which is Right for You

     Robert Pagliarini, CFP®
    Finding a financial advisor is one of the most important financial steps you can take. However, finding the right financial advisor can feel overwhelming.
  • Is Getting a Large Tax Refund a Mistake?

    Bill Schretter, CFP®
    Is Getting a Large Tax Refund a Mistake? The answer is – it depends. What really matters is how the refund impacts your peace of mind.
  • HSA vs. FSA: What’s Best for You?

    Dan Mathews, CFP®
    Each year consumers face the difficult task of making an irrevocable choice about their health care plan without really knowing what the upcoming year has in store for their family’s health.
  • Self Employed Taxes – Planning and Tips

    Dan Forbes, CFP®
    Self employed taxes can be difficult but with some planning you can keep your income tax obligations in check and prepare for your desired retirement.