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  • 6 Ways to Cut Your Income Taxes After a Windfall

    The money you get when coming into sudden wealth, whether through a lawsuit settlement, business sale, entertainment or sports contract, or stock options, can disappear in a hurry if you don't manage federal and state income taxes correctly.
  • Estate Plans 101: What They Are and Why We Need Them

    Do you have an estate plan? Do you even need one? Let me explain why the answer to the first question should be YES and the answer to the second is DEFINITELY YES!
  • Gifts of Value

    Usually thought of as end-of-life gifts, bequests or legacy gifts can nevertheless be part of our giving today. Regardless of when given, they require careful thought and planning in order to make them meaningful. A hastily written check or wire transfer, no matter the commas or zeroes in the amount, won’t work. While the recipient of such a check or transfer may see all sorts of “wings” in those zeroes, where are the “roots”? Where is your voice and wisdom in helping them to use the gift wisely?
  • Plan for Your Future: Tips for Young Professionals

    by Marguerita Cheng, CFP®
    The frenetic pace of our digital lives in dizzying! We are constantly on the move! Too many things to do, people to see, places to go. Of course, we all want to be ready for retirement some day, but too often we delay planning for our future. Young professionals, in particular, are so focused on building their careers that they haven’t the time or inclination to think about a time when that career will be behind them. To them, retirement is just a nebulous dream in the distant future. Planning and saving for retirement will just have to wait.
  • A Potential Bumpy Road for the Roth IRA

    For years the pathway to whether to “Roth or not” has been navigated by addressing two basic questions: What was your modified adjusted income? And what were your expectations regarding the future tax circumstances for yourself or your beneficiaries?