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  • What To Do When Your Employer Stops Matching 401(k) Contributions

    Shhhhh, I am going to tell you the secret of all retirement planning – the sooner you start and the more you put away, the more you will have at the end of the road. And compounding (we’ll get to that in a minute) in a tax deferred environment is one of your most powerful tools to accomplish this.
  • Plan Your Estate with Character

    Planning your estate isn’t as fun as dreaming about how fantastic your retirement will be, or as exhilarating as watching your investment portfolio rise over time. And unlike taxes, estate planning doesn’t have any hard deadlines by which it must get done, or penalties to pay for being late. Nevertheless, there can be real costs to delay.
  • Inheritance Disputes: Why They Arise and How to Resolve Them

    Inheritance disputes are not just a problem for the rich and famous, or for blended families. Even when there’s little or no wealth at stake, or no second marriages with children that are “his, hers, and ours,” survivors still disagree about issues such as the disposition of sentimental personal property, who should be responsible for raising the deceased’s minor children, even who gets the dog.
  • Understanding Medicare

    Medicare is a valuable source of health insurance for people 65 and older and for some younger adults with permanent disabilities. Understanding Medicare enables you to make well-informed health care decisions and to avoid getting lost in the maze of the plan’s options.
  • Giving to Get: A Mother's Day Blog

    Mothers give up a lot for their jobs: their waistlines, sleep, the backseat of their cars, years of peace and quiet. They’d even give their lives. Take the example of the mother who lay down in front of her unattended car rolling downhill with her twin-daughters strapped inside. Many moms hearing that story probably found such an extraordinary action completely understandable.