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Lifelong Financial Strategies

In celebration of CFP Board's 25 years, CFP Board's Consumer Advocate, Eleanor Blayney, CFP® rolled out a series of 25 relevant and timely tips and strategies for the five key milestone phases in a person's life. Presented in a multimedia format, tips were released each month from August to December 2010.

Stage 1Stage 1 – The Starting Out Years
Age range: 18-25 These are critical years, where your choices about education, employment, and debt management can have a major impact on your financial situation for decades to come.

Stage 2Stage 2 - The Nesting Years
Age range: 25-40 During this phase, you face important decisions about marriage, children, buying a home, and building a career. Understanding the financial implications of these decisions is critical to lifetime success.

Stage 3Stage 3 – The Prime Time Years
Age range: 40–55 This is usually the time you find yourself with more discretionary income. But there may be a lot of demands on that income. Advice is needed about college tuitions, helping elderly parents, catching up on retirement savings.

Stage 4Stage 4 – The Wealth Accumulation Years
Age range: 55-65 Retirement is coming into view: will it be a time of reinvention or a period of just getting by? Choices about lifestyle, spending, investing can make all the difference.

Stage 5Stage 5 – The Reinvention Years
Age range: 65 and over These can be the best years of life: new interests, part-time work or volunteer activity, travel, more time with family and friends. It all depends on good management of your financial resources.

"Financial planning isn't just for the wealthy. It's for everyone," Blayney says. "In a world where people are more responsible than ever for their financial lives, it's important that people understand the key things they need to do in each phase of their life."

About CFP Board's Consumer Advocate, Eleanor Blayney, CFP®

Eleanor BlayneyEleanor Blayney, CFP Board’s Consumer Advocate, is the kind of financial adviser people need to hear from now. A holder of the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and a financial planning practitioner for over 20 years, Eleanor has seen it all. Recognized as one of the pioneers in the profession, Eleanor helped to shape the Financial Planning Practice Standards that guide the work of the more than 71,000 CFP® certificants across the U.S. Within her own firm, Eleanor focuses on helping women bridge the gap between financial capacity and confidence, which she believes is essential to good financial health.

Eleanor strongly believes that families of all income levels should have access to professional financial planning assistance and that the financial world is too complex to shoulder alone. She makes financially complex ideas and strategies accessible and understandable. And she understands the critical importance of enforceable ethical standards to foster the trust needed to provide financial advice.

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