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  • 7 Steps to Be Financially Prepared for Children

    The arrival of a child in your life is a joyous event. The proper planning, however, goes beyond baby naming, doctor’s visits, and gender-reveal parties. Children add an element of uncertainty to your finances, and a deeper need for you to be responsible and plan for the future. These seven steps will help you prepare for all that lies ahead.
  • In Search of Your Perfect Investment Salsa

    Creating a balanced portfolio is a lot like making a perfect and personal salsa. Dr. Craig Israelsen, professor and author of 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan says there are a few rules that apply even to this most free-form of dishes.
  • How to Calculate the Right Amount of Life Insurance

    Many people are intimidated by the thought of buying life insurance. Nobody likes to think too much about death, for one thing. And many people worry about which kind of insurance to buy – whole life or term life. But the most important question is how much you need.
  • 5 Inheritance Mistakes to Avoid

    An inheritance can be a wonderful and lasting legacy, but it can also be a thorny nightmare. Any time you mix emotions and money, there are bound to be issues that arise. If you avoid these five critical mistakes, the process of inheritance will go more smoothly.
  • Post-Graduation Financial Planning

    Since you are just graduating college, the primary focus should be on becoming employed, setting your goals and making a budget. Your job will introduce you to things like employer benefits and retirement savings – and you’ll learn what you really get to take home from your paycheck after taxes are taken out.