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  • How to Save Money: Cutting Expenses

    Steve Repak, CFP®
    How to save money by cutting expenses is one of the easiest ways to save money. Learn how to save money by cutting simple everyday expenses.
  • Taxes for Entrepreneurs: Tax Tips

    Joel Redmond, CFP®
    Taxes for entrepreneurs can be costly without help. These tax tips for entrepreneurs can help you navigate the new tax laws affecting entrepreneurs.
  • Love & Money: Couples, Are You Managing Finances Equally?

     JJ Burns, CFP®
    One responsibility that's easy to forget about in a relationship is managing joint finances. Love and money is a team effort.
  • Tax Season 2019: 5 Things to Know

    Lynn Ballou, CFP®
    Welcome to Tax Season 2019! Last year saw sweeping changes in our Federal Income Tax Laws. Here are five key issues to pay attention to this tax season.
  • Stock Market Basics: Investing in Stocks 101

    Shannah Compton Game, CFP®
    These stock market basics will help you get started in investing in the stock market, keeping your portfolio diverse and your risk tolerance comfortable.