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November 2019

Protecting Your Online Finances

With the daily integration of new technology, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect all digital assets. CFP Board Ambassador Charles Sachs, CFP® provides ways to .

No More Money Woes

It’s completely normal to feel nervous about money. Luckily, Business Insider provides tips to help deter financial anxiety — no matter your income level or financial situation.

How Women Can Leave a Legacy

As a woman business owner, it’s important to leave a legacy that inspires future female business leaders. CFP Board Ambassador Elaine King, CFP® explains how the idea of .

When to Cut Financial Ties

Are you still financially supporting your adult children? You’re not alone, but helping them could be hurting your retirement. MarketWatch shares how to .

Saving for Retirement: The Sooner the Better

Not prioritizing saving for retirement is a big mistake that could cause you to lose out on thousands of dollars. Follow this advice from CNBC on .


hybrid security \ᶦhī-brəd siᶦkyֹur-ət-ē\

A single financial security that combines two or more financial instruments. For example, a convertible bond, which is a bond that is strongly affected by the price of the stock into which it is convertible.



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