Request a Free Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense
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If you would like to be mailed CFP Board's Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense, please complete the following form.

This guide describes "red flags" of potentially incompetent, unethical or illegal financial planning practices, and provides tips and guidance to protect yourself if you encounter them. 


The information entered in this form will be used by CFP Board to mail you a copy of CFP Board's Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense. CFP Board may also use the contact information collected through this form to send announcements of new materials CFP Board has made available or for other purposes, including communications to third parties such as education providers, industry organizations, associations or businesses related to the financial planning industry as CFP Board deems appropriate. To opt out of receiving future information from CFP Board and from being included on lists CFP Board may provide to third parties, check the "Opt-out" box above or notify CFP Board of your request by e-mail to or fax to 202-379-2299.

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